A family of
global brands

Dedicated to vegetable seed breeding with the highest technology and devoted to Cultivating Global HealthTM.

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Sowing your Future

We are a company dedicated to improving farmers operations with innovative seed varieties and passionate and expert technical support, helping them build a sustainable business and create better and healthier lives for farmers and the world they feed. Better seeds for better vegetables, we are dedicated to “Sowing Your Future”

A Family of Global Brands

Dedicated to vegetable seed technology and breeding

We take pride in serving our customers with innovative vegetable varieties and reliable, customized technical support solutions.

Our innovative varieties offer increased yields, improved disease resistance, labor friendly and post-harvest processing advantages along with exceptional taste and nutritional traits.

We strive to provide our customers the latest technology and market insights through our global breeding and marketing platforms. This way we can support them to grow their food in a sustainable way.

Our commitment.

We are committed to a better globe with our engineered crop diversity in which we ensure.

Food Security for humankind
Adapting to climate change
Reduction in environmental degradation
Protecting nutritional security

“I want to integrate US Agriseeds and Axia Vegetable Seeds into world class seed companies that provide our customers with varieties of competitive advantages”, explains Alois “We will bring our business to the next level with the combined knowledge of our Open Field and Protected Businesses and our engineered germ plasm base. We will further focus our breeding on the needs of our customers and elevate our technical services for optimal growing of our products.”

— Alois van Vliet, CEO of VoloAgri Group, Inc.



  • “We have had a wonderful experience working with Axia Vegetable Seeds Group being the breeders of our very successful Axiany Cherry Tomatoes. They are a wonderful company to work with, producing quality seed that grows into a very flavorful product. It has been an extreme pleasure to partner with them.”

    – Niels Peter Klapwijk | Nature Fresh Farms

  • “When I look at our collaboration with Axia Vegetable Seeds Group the best description that comes to mind is “ Innovation”  Axia Vegetable Seeds Group have become a formidable force in breeding in an incredibly short period of time and we are growing a lot of their varieties as our standard variety , while continuing to trial a lot of their promising new material. We have expanded our portfolio with great tasting Axia varieties. The support from the technical specialists from Holland is next to none!”

    – Fons Aldenzee | Windset Farms

  • Our Contribution.

    A well calculated cahoots mentality is transfused throughout our company from our breeding scientists to our sales engineers around the globe. Therefor we provide solutions to liberate our growers, farmers and retailers from the pressure and challenges they might face in today’s fast changing & complex industry.
    We recognize the importance of protecting agricultural crop diversity and we feel strongly about our responsibility to ensure food security and nurturing global health. This does not only mean the production and processing of nutritious food, but also the access to it for mankind. We stimulate the growth of healthy crop varieties by unceasingly engineering high yielding and disease resistant varieties.
    The agriculture industry grows and faces new challenges each day, this includes climate change, environmental degradation, loss of crop diversity and more. In close collaboration between our breeding scientists & sales engineers, we make sure that our clients are provided with a personalized solution. This way of working helps us to support our clients with crop protection, improvement and it mitigates economic, social & environmental challenges.