axia vegetable seeds

Who We Are

VoloAgriĀ® is a vegetable seed technology and breeding company dedicated to Cultivating Global Health. We take pride in serving every customer with customized vegetable seed and technical service solutions they can count on. Our innovative seeds produce plants with increased yields, improved disease resistance, and post-harvest processing advantages while still achieving exceptional taste! This reduces the environmental farming footprint while increasing the healthy consumption of delicious vegetables.

Our diverse team of industry experts are stationed around the world. Our Global Corporate Headquarters are in South San Francisco with our principal Operational Center in San Luis Obispo California and additional facilities in Holland, Mexico City, and Lebanon; and trial stations in California (Morgan Hill, Woodland, and Lemoore), Ā Lebanon (Bekaa Valley), Mexico (Guanajuato, and Culiacan), Italy and Spain. Our prized collection of seeds have been developed under several brands including US Agriseeds, California Hybrids, Catalyst Seeds and New World Seeds.

Technology & Patent Protected Consumer Product Brands